Transforming the Market, Together

Versana Director of Marketing + Talent Renu Blankinship shines a spotlight on the driven team working to transform the syndicated loan market

From our company launch to our debut at the LSTA Annual Conference to our upcoming product launch, 2022 has been an incredible year here at Versana. The excitement in the loan market is palpable and the energy among our team members is nothing short of electric.

We started the year with two employees and are on track to have 18 team members by year-end. Each hire brings a unique combination of personality, expertise and passion to the company; their contributions are our greatest asset. Team Versana is a rapidly growing group of leaders and innovators whose collective skill and energy drive our platform forward. We are committed to transforming the loan market, together.

Only 6% of fintechs have a female CEO and we are so proud to be one of them. From the very beginning, our CEO Cynthia Sachs set out to build an open culture that values respect, diversity and compassion. We offer an inclusive environment where sharing and valuing different perspectives is the norm. As we work to change the trajectory of an entire asset class, we support each other and brainstorm together, encouraging creativity and productivity.

Our hybrid model is a key component of our unique culture. We are in the office three days a week and have found that this balance empowers our team to be collaborative at the office and productive on deep-focus tasks at home. The buzz in our open-concept office is infectious, and there is no doubt that the “aha!” moments of discovery, group problem-solving and team bonding are a product of sharing the same space. Being together opens our eyes to different points of view and thought processes and, in turn, provides tremendous value to our platform.

Collaboration is the foundation of our company, as evidenced by our industry-backed platform. Our spirit of teamwork resonates from the top down. Take our conference booth buildout the night before the LSTA conference. Our team – including all senior management – showed up with dinners in tow, all ready to lend a hand. Only after the final swag bag was filled did we disband for the night, excited for the day ahead. Building Versana is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and each one of us is ready to tackle tasks both big and small to see this initiative reach its full potential. 

For those of you who did not have the opportunity to attend LSTA, we are excited to introduce you to our outstanding team as part of a special ongoing LinkedIn series: “Meet #TeamVersana.” In highlighting some fun facts about each member of our team, you will get to know a bit more about the talent behind our platform.

We continue to add forward thinkers and innovators to our ranks, and with the growth of our in-house technical team, this is just the beginning of exciting times ahead. We’re paving the way for a bright, transformed future for the syndicated loan market, and we welcome driven talent to join us.

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