The Syndicated Loan Market’s Highest Quality, Real-Time Data Source

Built by innovators, for experts, the Versana platform provides unprecedented transparency and real-time insight into loan-level details and portfolio positions – and in doing so, drives the next generation of trusted innovation in the syndicated loan market.

Know Your Flows

The Versana platform provides unprecedented visibility into loan portfolio cash flows. How? By digitally capturing administrative agents’ deal and transaction level data on a real-time basis.

Digital connectivity to admin agents’ data, ensuring the most up-to-date information
Real-time global commitments, outstandings, portfolio positions and interest accruals fund-by-fund
Immediate notifications of borrower-related principal prepayments, scheduled amortizations, interest and fee payments, repricings, base rate contract roll-overs and much more
Robust security controls to ensure that only permissioned users can view entitled private deal data

Open For Business

Easy to deploy, integrate and enhance over time, the Versana platform delivers the modern foundation that agent banks, institutional lenders, fund administrators and trustees need to transform the $5 trillion syndicated loan market.

Our Vision: A Transformed Syndicated Loan Market

Founded by leading agent banks and designed by heads of trading and operations from across the syndicated loan ecosystem, Versana has the backing and strong commitment from the market’s most prominent global banks – all in the name of enhancing transparency, efficiency and velocity.

Join the Transformation

If you are interested in becoming a client, data contributor or partner in helping us usher in a new era for the syndicated loan market, we want to hear from you.