Transformation at Work:  Versana’s Modernization of the Syndicated Loan Market

For the past several months, the Versana team has been hard at work developing our industry-backed platform, building our company and laying the foundation to transform the $5 trillion syndicated loan market. Today, we are thrilled to provide an update on what we’ve accomplished, what we’re working on now and where we’re headed. 

Since our launch in March 2022, the market’s response – from banks, buy-side firms and service providers – has been quite extraordinary.  All participants are seeking accurate deal, position and contract level details, along with historical cash flows, to streamline workflows and realize cost savings.  With real-time syndicated loan data digitally sourced from our founding investors books and records (JP Morgan, Bank of America, Credit Suisse and Citi), our leading-edge platform will meet this demand. Our mission to foster transparency, efficiency and velocity throughout the entire loan lifecycle has strongly resonated with all stakeholders. 

That’s why the forthcoming launch of our platform has become such an anticipated market event. Each day, we hold numerous meetings with the market’s leading players to educate them on what our technology is designed to do and how it will serve as a springboard for future industry innovation – to learn more, check out our new, expanded website. We continue to work closely with our four founding agent bank investors to digitally capture and centralize their trusted real-time data, and are forming two buy-side advisory boards – one focused on operations, the other on front office – to ensure we prioritize the market’s most pressing needs. 

We’re thrilled to continue that level of industry engagement at the LSTA Annual Conference on September 22. This year’s conference theme – “Reassessing Risk, Reshaping Markets” – is a perfect encapsulation of what will be achieved through the power of our platform. We could not be more excited to finally connect in-person with the market’s best and brightest to provide a real view into our platform’s benefits and value proposition. From showcasing our real-time transparency to deepening relationships to presenting our bold vision for the future, our debut at the LSTA Conference will be a day to remember. 

The timing is right. As we’ve now moved out of a deflationary environment for the first time in three decades, the loan market is poised to attract more capital than ever as new players embrace our floating-rate asset class to hedge against inflation. This means incredible opportunity for all – but to make the most of it, operational efficiencies must be accelerated. Our mission is to deliver the much-needed data and technology foundation for the market to scale and grow amid this shifted macroeconomic landscape. 

To that end, we’ve continued to focus on hiring an incredibly talented team that embodies expertise and innovation at every level. We’ve been active in growing our core team, with a particular emphasis on technology and product. Recent hires include David Kamp, Chief Technology Officer, Sophia Sgarbi, Head of Client Engagement and Christine Rahe, Senior Implementation Analyst. In addition, we’ve added to our Corporate and Sales ranks, including Tony Bilello, Head of Finance + Operations, Renu Blankinship, Director of Marketing + Talent, and Ruta Brickus, Senior Relationship Manager. Most of our team built their careers in the syndicated loan market and bring an intimate knowledge and understanding of our clients’ pain points. Our entire team is passionate about creating new solutions to drive transformation across the loan market. 

And that’s exactly what we plan to deliver later this year. The launch of our platform will finally provide the building blocks for digital innovation that the market has been clamoring for.  Our launch will spur the evolution – the start of a journey to change how the market operates – and with our exceptional technology, talent and vision, along with the strong commitment from our founding investors, we are confident we will help create a more efficient, resilient and larger market for all.  

Ready to join the transformation? Reach out to us. 

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